About Us
Helm of Peace & Energy will be happy to count you among its friends. There are many ways you can be part of Helm of Peace & Energy We are a small NGO – you can help us grow. We welcome financial assistance as well as material contributions, for example: children's clothes, toys, teaching materials, stationery, story books etc. We appreciate packaged food with pleasure. Financial assistance has to be made by cheque or bank transfer. We shall send you every detail on request.

Our Vision is to be the most effective NGO in offering active volunteers that have been given opportunities to provide help to the people and the communities that are in any kind of need and people suffering because of the natural calamities.
Our permanent team consists of a qualified supervisor, an assistant and volunteers who work with Torch on regular basis. Torch needs the support of more volunteers.Volunteers follow the life skills program giving back up with sideline activities such as painting, colouring, modeling clay and music. Volunteers also help with numbers, alphabet and beginner level writing.Helm of Peace & Energy is looking for volunteers who will enjoy playing with street children. Volunteers often discover something special that they can give to the children and the program.